Versailles, Louvre and Giverny

Is there a certain gate or line to get into Versailles if you have the Paris Museum Pass so you don't have to wait as long? Also which is the best entrance to go into the Louvre ( with the museum pass)? How about Giverny as far as a shorter line to get in with the pass?

Posted by Cyn
Wheat Ridge, CO, USA
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I was in Giverny a few years ago in the summer and it was not really that crowded. Most of the attraction of Giverny is outside so lines are not really an issue in my experience. The lines for the pass are usually well-marked at all the sights that take the pass, so I would just choose the Louvre entrance based on your metro stop. It is probably the same for Versailles except you come in my train and walk a few minutes.

Posted by Patty
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Do you have access to a RS travel guide for France? If you don't want to buy one, you change them from the library. Last time we went to Versailles, the Paris pass entrance was to the left as you faced the building, but things change. The guidebooks usually give detailed descriptions of where to find the pass entrance.

Posted by Philip
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Whether or not you have a museum pass, the quickest entrance into the Louvre is to get off the metro at Palais-Royal (Musee du Louvre) station and walk through the underground shopping precinct into the Louvre ticket hall. The security lines are usually much shorter than coming in through the pyramid.

Posted by Anita
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We spent a summer near Versailles a few years and spent quite a bit of time at the's what I recommend... If you know the date you wish to visit then buy your tickets online before you go from their website... When you get there don't park in the large carpark in front of the chateau. Drive around the outer walls to the right through, and slightly out of town(get a map to see how to do this) and drive right onto the grounds through the side gate near the Petite Hameau. You can park in one of many lots on the palace grounds. There is one just next to the grand canal so that you can enter the chateau from the back after a beautiful walk through the fountain gardens. You can also park next to the Petite Hameau, the Grand or Petite Trianon, and also out in the grounds if you want to walk through the woods and fields away from the tourists. Parking in these lots costs SIGNIFICANTLY less than the one in the front. You can also park for free outside the side gate but then you have to walk a LOT to get to the chateau. Enjoy your trip! Versailles is wonderful!