Versailles in February

We will be in Paris for a week in late February and have not been to Versailles on previoius visits. What parts of Versailles will be open? Is it worth planning on time in the gardens in the winter? Thanks.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Sally, they had snow in France about a week and half ago, and when they did they did close the gardens .. but they are open now. So, what I am saying is you have to check on the VersailIles website closer to date to be sure , and obviously if you are there and its snowing guess you kind of will know. My personal opinion is that if its pouring rain I wouldn't bother unless you really just want to see the palace( which is of course amazing) .. The formal gardens are not going to be that great anyways,and if its raining can't see the fun myself, the grounds themselves are massive, I mean massive so you can either walk in the rain , or wait in the rain for the little shuttle train to take you to the further reaches which would include Marie Antionette Hamlet and the Trianons.. and Marie Antionettes Hamlet is lovely but its a wander outside site, not a go inside site.. so for me, weather dependent.

Posted by Douglas
Oak Park, Illinois
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The palace will be open and is stunning. I'm not sure why they closed the gardens for the snow recently, unless it was a lot of snow and they couldn't clear the paths. But I've been in the gardens with snow and it is simply amazing. But yeah, rain - not so much...

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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When I went to Versailles one January the gardens were closed due to snow. You won't know until the time comes if it will be possible. Its doubtful the gardens are much to look at in February. If you still want to see the chateau it's worth going.