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venice-vienna train--will we see scenic tall mountains?

DH wants to see scenic mountains (such as in Switzerland), and I want to go to Vienna/Salzburg. We will be in Italy. If we take a train from Venice to Vienna, will he get his fill of Alpine scenery along the way?

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Yes. You can't leave Italy by land without passing through the Alps, except for small slivers of territory bordering France and Slovenia... but you don't need to go out of your way to Switzerland to see them.

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Take the route from Venice to Innsbruck to Vienna and you pass directly through the Tyrolian Alps. Beautiful scenery.

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Hi Elaine,
I've only taken that train once and recall that the scenery was beautiful. It's a long trip though, best done at night. You don't pass through the Alps though, it's the Appenines.
The most gorgeous scenic train I've ever been on was from Zurich to Locarno, Italy. It was spectacular. Also, the train from Thun, Switzerland to Chur was stunning.
This isn't much help though unless you change your plans entirely. There will be gorgeous scenery from Vienna to Salzburg which is surrounded by mountains. I think he may get his fill in Salzburg though no snow in the summer.