Venice in mid-September

Can you advise me about going to Venice in September after the 19th for about 2 or 3 days. I don't understand the water situation there during the rainy time. Is it advisable to go to Venicee during this time period. I am attending a conference outside of Zurich and can fly to Venice and then take a train to other parts of Switzerland before goign to Zug, Switzerland. Any advice would be appreciated about what to see enroute toward Zurich.I understand there is a train that goes through the Dolomites and then I was thinking of going to Lucerne and to Bern before heading to Zug. Do you have other suggestions? We will have a week before the conference begins with 3 days in Venice and 4 days to get to Zug. Thanks!

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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You will only have a water problem if it rains while you are there, then you might need an umbrella to avoid getting wet. No worries, as soon as the rain comes there will be plenty of people appearing out of nowhere selling umbrellas at very reasonable prices. If it is the "acqua alta" you are worried about, it has nothing to do with rain. It's all about the tide, the phase of the moon, the season, and if there is a prevailing southeast wind. Now I look at my calender and see that there is a full moon on Sept 19 and it is the Autumnal Equinox. That's an indicator that you could see some acqua alta, at least on your first day. Pick up a stylish pair of over-the-calf rubber boots and carry on. Everyone else in town will. Stay in Rialto (Venetian for high ground) rather than Piazza San Marco which is the low ground.
Don't let acqua alta prevent you from enjoying Venice. In fact, it's really neat seeing the water start bubbling up out of the grates in the Piazza. Kids will treat it like a giant slip-and-slide.