VE Day in Paris, May 2013

We will be in Paris on VE Day this year. Are there any special commemorations? I've read that in years past there were parades, a ceremony at the Tomb at the Unknown Soldier, that kind of thing. Thanks!

Posted by Gabriele
San Francisco, CA
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Suprised no one answered before. Here's the basics: I don't know how you'd find out what or where...I've looked at a lot of French websites and can't find anything useful. I do know the President M. Hollande will lay a wreath at the Arc de Triomphe...the monument will be closed in the morning, but open in the afternoon (but there is an entrance fee).
If you've already booked your hotel you might try contacting them for more information. I think they would be pleased to know that visitors were interested in the observations..... Good travelling!

Posted by George
Independence, KS, USA
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It's called la liberation in France and there is a short ceremony at the Arc where the tomb of the unknown soldier is located. I think that the liberation of Paris on August 25 is a bigger celebration. You might check out, Paris forum, and use the search function there.

Posted by Lin
Victoria B.C., Canada
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We will be in Colmar at that time and I have also had a hard time finding any information about celebrations. But it does seem that one thing you might want to pay attention to is that it is a holiday and many things may be closed. I think the next day is also a holiday, May 9th Ascension. If so then I read that many people take the extra time off to make it a longer weekend. I don't think it will affect too much in Paris, but I'm a bit worried that it might affect us in the smaller Colmar. Have a great holiday. Time is getting close for both of us now.

Posted by Geor
Seattle, Wa, USA
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I agree with George: the liberation of Paris is better celebrated than VE day. I was in Paris on VE day in 1995 - the 50th anniversary - and there was nothing spectacular much to my disappointment. There was a jet flyover and the President most likely laid a wreath at the Arc de Triomphe. The newspapers said that the 50th anniversary of VE day was a cause for major celebration in London and in Moscow but not in Paris.