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Vacation in Paris Rentals

Hi, I see several posts recommending "Vacation in Paris" apartment rentals. One concern I have is that unlike some of the other rental services, they do not have any staff in Paris. Instead, each apartment is managed by its owner or their own representative. I wonder if anyone has had a problem with the fact that there is no VIP office there. For example, if for some reason the manager is unavailable when needed, where have you turned for help?
Thank you.

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The setup that VIP has is pretty common for apartment rentals. I've rented from them 3 times and haven't had any problems that required assistance. The apartments I've rented have come with instructions (how to use the wifi, phone, washer, etc.). I've only contacted the local person once, when we wanted to check to see if we could leave our luggage in the flat for a couple hours after check-out.

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We have used VIP several times. Upon our arrival, the local rep called us to make sure everything was ok. One time we had an issue and the local rep. responded within an hour. This company is extremely responsive to any communication. I would recommend them without hesitation.

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I used Vacation in Paris... once. Wasn't very happy with the experience but I am sure that could be said for every rental company. I did however, learn a valuable lesson. I always take photos of the apartments before we unpack and use the date/time stamp on my camera and take another series just before we leave. That way, if there is a claim made that something was damaged/broken, etc. I have proof.

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Carolyn, I've rented from VIP also and the one time I needed the manager he responded in very timely manner.

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booked twice with them. first time had a wifi problem and it was fixed the same day!

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Yes they do have people working for them locally. We rented in an apartment in Paris just last month from VIP. They are very accommodating. Our TV wasn't working. We called the manager, whose name had been given to us in the instructions, and he came right over, showed us how to work the TV and noticed that we needed some more cooking pots (without us even asking). He went out and came back with a big bag of cooking utensils and pots, many more that we needed. Our experience with VIP was excellent.