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Using ATMs

I haven't been to France for awhile, but last I was there, only my ATM card with the Cirrus network worked. I now only have one with the STAR network, and wonder if I need to get a separate Cirrus ATM somewhere. And if that has a low foreign exchange %. Thanks!

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Mastercard owns the Cirrus logo and Visa owns the Plus logo. Both have STAR on their cards (mine do). STAR is a network owned by First Data and is used by the credit card people, as well as financial institutions, for service and processing. If you see STAR SF on the ATM, it's surcharge free but I've not yet seen one in the U.S. or Europe. On the STAR network locator website, I only see U.S. and Canada. Perhaps others can comment as to a card with STAR only on it.

If you are considering another card with low fees in Europe, CLICK HERE to read a great article on ATMs and a long list of banks and their fees.

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Thanks! I looked, and it does have Star and Plus....


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Without double checking, I am fairly confident that the STAR network is NOT available outside of the US and perhaps Canada. To be safe, you need a PLUS or Cirrus or both.