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Use of SNCF self-print tickets

I've taken the advice of several of the experienced European train travelers on this site and booked my French train journey directly with the SNCF Web site and printed the tickets myself. How are these used? Do I just hand them to the conductor when I board my train or is it a voucher I must trade for an "official" ticket at the station's ticket office before I get on board?

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A self-printed PREM'S ticket has your name on it and it is the actual ticket. It's too big to insert in the "composteur" at the entrance to the platform so you simply show it to a conductor on board when asked.

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This is what I would like to do. I need to book a train from Zurich to Paris, and I would like to go through Lausanne, to enjoy the views. And then I would need a ticket back from Paris to Zurich, preferably on the new TGV Lyria fast train. I tried the website, but my travel is in August, and it tells me I can't book now for August yet. Did anyone actually use this site and went to Europe with the tickets and it worked? I am a little nervous to book from here online, I guess. Also, how are the prices compare to buying the tickets in Europe?