U.S. Cell phones in Paris

Does the standard AT&T cell phone work in Paris and allow calls back to the U.S. to be made?

Posted by Lo
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You may get lots of responses to this, but your best bet is to talk to AT&T directly about your phone and their international service: where it applies, how to set it up, costs, etc. We have Verizon and the service is great when it's finally set up on the other end. After several glitches requiring phone calls to Verizon from Europe, I finally learned to go directly to the international service people who are supposed to know what they are doing. The regular agents who answer the phone simply do not know how the international options work.

Posted by Ed
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I guess it would depend on what 'standard' is. Speed Dial #1 on my Iphone get's my wife no matter what part of the world either of us is in - - as long as we both are in cellular range. ATT's international voice plan costs ten bucks a month and cuts the cost to a dollar a minute rather than the buck fity or two dollars it would be otherwise. The reason I'm vague is that both of our phones stay on the international plan all year.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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If your AT&T phone is quad band, it will work in Paris, at international rates. If it is only dual band, it won't. You have to check how many bands your model has, and what the latest rates are (as Ed said, you can buy an international plan that lowers the cost somewhat). Note that AT&T has an inexpensive international text package (something like 20 texts for $5), so if those will work to communicate with those in the US, that's much cheaper. If you will be using your US phone in Paris, enter all your US numbers as +1-area code-number (e.g., for Rick's office, enter it as +1-425-771-8303). By putting the plus in, it will dial correctly from anywhere, without having to make any modifications (and it won't cost more when you are in the US, either).

Posted by Ken
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MJ2, One other point to mention..... If your phone is a Smartphone such as an iPhone or Galaxy, you'll need to be VERY CAREFUL when using cellular data as the costs can be HUGE (five figures, in some cases)! I believe AT&T also offers international data plans, so you'll need to check with them regarding the costs and details. Also, if you're travelling with your home cell number and anyone calls your number at home, the call will be re-directed to you in Paris and you'll pay the incoming call cost. The calling party won't pay any more, since it's a local call for them. It's especially annoying to receive calls in the "wee hours" of the morning from someone that didn't bother to check the time difference. To answer your original question, YES your phone will work in Paris (and elsewhere in Europe), provided it has the European frequency bands. Which model phone are you using? Happy travels!

Posted by Irv
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Yes, it will work. We Have used our regular non smart AT&T cell phone service in Europe and it has worked just fine. If you go to AT&T before you leave it only costs a few dollars a month to get a reduced international rate. We use a cell phone very little when we travel since it really does not do any good to be in contact with home when all you can do is fret about whatever bad news someone is trying to get to you. On the other hand it was very handy last year when we had to extend the insurance policy on our lease car.