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Two weeks in London, Paris, Barcelona, Zurich??

I have posted on here a few times before about our trip, but now that we've officially booked our flights and hotels, I wanted to post one last time for any ideas/suggestions/tips. I've already gotten some great suggestions and ideas so I figured it didn't hurt to ask again! We've never been to any of the cities (except Barcelona) and so we're not sure what to do. It's my mom and I going. We're pretty laid back and not too interested in museums/history, that kind of stuff and were more into sight seeing and adventure. We're on a budget and was wondering what would be some fun things to do on our trip and any other travel suggestions like getting around the cities, etc. Here's our itinerary and we only have a short amount of time in each place so we want to have a few fun things narrowed down to do when we get there. Feb 11-14: London Feb 14-17: Barcelona (to visit my sister who's studying abroad) Feb 17-22: Paris
Feb 22-25: Zurich (taking a cable car or day trip to mountains would be cool) Any suggestions are helpful! Thanks everyone!!

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