Tulip Bulbs

We bought tulip bulbs at the Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt (flower market)to bring home as gifts and to plant only to discover that they are not allowed to be brought into the United States. Custom agents upon our arrival in Houston and friends in Newark did not allow the bulbs into the USA. They told us we should have purchased bulbs at the airport as those are inspected and allowed into the USA. They told us bulb packages that have been inspected have special indications on the package. It may be possible that some bulbs at the flower market have been inspected and might be allowed, but they are not the bulbs displayed in front of the flower stalls. One should ask merchants before purchasing any bulbs to see indication on the bags that the bulbs were inspected and may be brought into the USA as the customs agents will look for that information on the bags. If they are not on the bags and brought into the USA, they are thrown in the trash!

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hi, usually if its not in a can or package you cant bring it back. so many people try to bring live or things that are invasive into the US, im sureprised were not covered in invasvie species. did you think about mail ordering them? it maybe expensive, but you will get them. happy trials.