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Truemmelbach Tragety

Last week a 12-year boy from Indiana evidently lost his footing and fell into Truemmelbach Falls and disappeared. The latest report from the canton police is that there has been no sign of him. If anyone recently in the Lauterbrunnen Valley or going there hears any news, I'd be interested in what is reported. The news here is sketchy.

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Dwayne, this is so sad. I was at the falls last year and the volume and force of the water was tremendous. I had planned to go this year again and this tragedy is reminder that nature though beautiful is also very wild and dangerous.

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holy cow....we were there last week too and i even thought a few times I was glad my kids weren't with, as I would have been crazy with worry! I can see how a kid could slip through. There are guard rails, but it would be easy to slip under, over or through them. I have little boys who are monkeys, so i can see how this could happen. What a terrible tragedy.

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This kind of thing happens regularly at Yosemite's waterfalls, too.

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Oh, how very tragic. When we were there with our grown children a couple of summers ago, I was very nervous. It was beautiful and powerful, but just so slippery, and we commented often that the handrail system was not nearly secure easy to see how someone could slide right through. I have to say that when we descended from the falls area, I was quite relieved. Poor family.