Trip to Northern France

We are planning a 12 day trip to Northern France. I'm wondering if it's worth adding Bourges for 1 day at the end of the trip or spend a 5th day in Paris? Our trip is planned: Paris, honfleur, bayeux (to do Normondy) Mont St. Michel, Dinan, Amboise (2days), Bourges, spend last night in Senlis to return rental car and fly out. Thanks

Posted by Robert
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Having stayed in Bourges one night, I thought it was a great place for a short stay. But as Adam said, it would add a fair amount of driving.

Posted by Adam
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It's worth it if you want to see it. Has reputedly a cathedral to rival Chartres and is on my list to visit someday, but it does add a lot of driving to an already busy itinerary and you might enjoy spending that day otherwise.

Posted by Moineau
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Bourges is nice, but I'm not sure it's worth the detour. Why don't you stop in Chartres is you want to see a nice cathedral, or spend some time at Chantilly which is really close to Senlis. The casle is fabulous and the Musée Vivant du Cheval is a dream.

Posted by Nancy
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With only 12 days that seems like a very ambitious plan - bear in mind that with each change of accomodation, you do lose time (checking in, checking out, etc.). You didn't mention when you are going but bear in mind that Mont St. Michel gets incredibly busy during the summer and if you aren't there first thing (or late in the afternoon) you will spend a fair amount of time in traffic! Having done this trip, I would add another night to Bayeux - the Normandy area is larger than you think and, depending upon what you want to see/do - based upon your intinerary you'd have at best a long afternoon to see Normandy and to be honest, I think you will need a bit more time - also, Bayeux is lovely and the tapestry is definitely worth seeing!

Posted by Cynthia
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St. Malo is much more interesting than Dinan - we visited both when we took our northern France trip. St. Malo has many interesting shops and restaurants and a fascinating waterfront. Dinan has one interesting street going down to the river - we felt we had seen the highlights in 2 hours.

Posted by Alissa
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Thanks for the great info. Will Check out St. Malo. We are headed there in the end of September first week in October. Planned on staying night on Mt. St Michel. Anyone stayed there over night?

Posted by Rose
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Anyone stayed there over night? I have stayed on the Mont and it was unbelievably fantastic. Timing happened to be perfect so that at sunset it was a full high tide. We were startled by how quickly the Mont was completely surrounded by water. If felt like there were less than 50 people on the entire Mont. We walked all around after sunset and it felt like it was just us. There's a beautiful little cemetery for the people who were residents of the Mont - beautifully and lovingly maintained. Stayed at Auberge Saint Pierre.