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Trip to Europe in December: Where to go.

A friend and I have about 9 days in December where we would like to travel to Europe (ie would have about 7 days at our destination). Any suggestions on good places to travel during this time of year? Trying to avoid cities/regions that may be completely closed down in the winter or that have daily temperatures less then 10 degrees Fahrenheit so we can still get around somewhat easily! Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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Southern Spain [Andalucia: Sevilla, Cordoba, and Granada] has pretty mild weather in winter. And, being farher south than almost all of the rest of Europe, the days are longer. For example, on Dec 10, if you compare Sevilla to Rome, Sevilla has a high that is 5 degrees warmer and has 25 more minutes of daylight.

I spent a school year in Spain, and had the choice of studying in Madrid or Granada. I picked Madrid, but after a few trips in winter to Granada, I realized how much milder the climate was.

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Good idea! I hadn't even thought about Spain. Perfect excuse to brush up on my Spanish!


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This December we're going to Paris, Avignon, Vienna. Obviously not the "hot spots," but our previous winter experiences there have been so great we must return. The colder it is, the fewer the crowds!

I've found winter in Europe to be cold from a damp, humid wind more than pure cold - although it still translates as cold!

Mind you we live in Alaska, so we are going to Europe to warm up, but nonetheless, just bundle up a bit and go!

Just remember that some of the smaller villages, some of the parks, etc will be closed for winter. Also some of the public transportation schedules become a bit more scarce, but if you stick with the big cities, there is not much change.

Good travels!