Trip to Belgium and Amsterdam with a 1 year old

Hello everyone- Thank you for your help. My husband will be attending a conference for work in Leuven Belgium in June of this year. My son (who will be 13 months at the time of travel) and I will be tagging along. His conference is Wed- Sun and we are planning to leave the US on Friday night and fly to Amsterdam where we will be from Sat- Wed. His conference begins late Wednesday afternoon so we will take the train to Leuven on Wednesday morning. I am looking for suggestions for a few things- 1- places to stay in Amsterdam, both specifically for hotels and also just generally as far as areas of the city. We will not be bringing a car seat so things we want to be in a location where everything can be accessed via foot or public transit- we are used to both as we live in a city at home and rarely drive. 2- Major highlights to see- Travelling with a one year old we have tempered our expectations and the goal is to see one major highlight each day. Already on the list is the Anne Frank Museum.
3- Day trips from Leuven as I am not sure there is enough there to see for four days. At that point it will be me and the baby alone. Any other tips would be appreciated. Pre baby I have travelled extensively in Europe and the US, and we have done a few US trips with the baby so far. The main issue will be stuff- we went on a trip to Disney last week and looked like a pack of traveling gypsys. Long gone were the days of 10 days in europe with a rolling carry on. Although for this trip I'd like to keep it to one rolling carry one and one larger checked suitcase as well as personal items- diaper bag and laptop for my husband. Thank you!

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Leuven is fairly centrally located in Belgium, so by train you could take a daytrip to virtually anywhere in the country. Unless you can figure out the bus system, though, you will mostly be limited to visiting cities. Let me give you a suggestion for family-friendly restaurant near Leuven in a beautiful setting. Look up Brasserie St. Jean. It's located in a cluster of restauants by a small lake (Zoet Water). My favorite frituur in Belgium is also located right by here. Another good family-friendly restaurant nearby is Bistro 500 (located on in Heverlee on the Naamsesteenweg just before the road enters a forest).