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Trip from Seville, Spain to Portugal

We are planning a trip to Seville, Spain and are having a little difficulty figuring the best way/ways to get down to Tavira, Portugal and then up to Evora and finally Lisbon. We know the trains are good from Evora into Lisbon so our main questions relate to Seville to Tavira:

  1. Is the EVA bus to Tavira from Seville the easiest bet? Are there rental car agencies in Tavira?

  2. We could rent a car in Seville, drive it to Ayamonte and drop it, then take the Ferry across the river to Vila Real de Santo Antonio and rent car there or at the Monte Gordo airport. We would then drive this car over to Tavira to visit it and then head up to Evora and drop the car there before taking the train into LIsbon.. Comments?

Any other suggestions?

Many thanks for your assistance in advance.

Happy Holidays!


I did this in reverse a couple of years ago. Rented the car in Lisbon and ended up in Tavira, took a bus to Huelve and picked up my Spain rental car, drove back to Tavira and drove from Tavira to Faro to drop off Portugal rental car and then bus back to Tavira. It was easy to take the bus both times, actually looked around both towns before driving away. Wife and I really enjoyed a couple of days in Tavira, very friendly people and more layed back. Had a snack at small cafe across from bus station in Tavia but such a good time there we went back for dinner one night.