Trip from Paris?

Hi Everyone, I am loooking for ideas of what to do at the end of a trip to Paris. I've three days at the end of the trip, traveling solo in late April early May where should I go Day trips independently to Reims and Versailles on last trip many years ago and have been to Amsterdam. Have not bought tickets yet so could fly out of another city back to US. Open to ideas!

Posted by Trudy
Owasso, Ok, USA
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My husband and I did just what you're doing when we went back in 2010. We took the train from Paris to Nice. It was beautiful! White sand beaches (too cold to swim but not too cold to just sit and watch the sea), a wonderful Russian Orthodox Church, Italian looking town square. Old town was so much fun with the Italian looking, red-roofed tiled buildings. We took a day trip (via train) to Monaco and toured the Prince's Palace. I'm not sure about which airlines fly in and out of there. We had intended to take Easy Jet from Nice to Rome for a couple of days then fly home from Rome but we ended up "stuck" in Nice by some ash cloud thingy. The extra days roaming the city and watching the sea weren't bad at all.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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While I agree Nice is lovely, its certainly no day trip from Paris.
A lot depends on your interests Barbara, I always had an interest in history , and Joan of Arc, so I did one day trip to Rouen, which I really enjoyed.. I don't know if I would have enjoyed it if it was pouring rain( a possibility for you since April can be rainy or nice, luck of draw) since the parts I enjoyed the most were just wandering the old parts of Rouen and seeing the old half timbered buildings etc. Rouen is 1.5 hours by train from Paris. I also loved visiting Chantilly, I love museums and it houses the Conde Museum whos painting collection is second only to the Louvres in France. The chateau is lovely and never crowded, and their is a nice cafe on the grounds that sells the best strawberries and Chantilly cream in the Have you visited Fontainbleu? I enjoyed that also. You could also take the Eurostar to Ldndon and then fly home from there,, there is tons to do in London, could fill a week let alone three days!

Posted by Susan
Sausalito, California
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I second Pat's suggestion of Fontainebleau, loved it!

Posted by Barbara
Rhode Island
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Thanks for the ideas ladies! Have any of you been to Tours in the Loire valley? I know it's less than 2 hours by TGV Paris to Tours, and has lovely chateaus, but then I wondered how I'd get around without renting a car?!

Posted by Susan
Sausalito, California
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I love the Loire Valley and liked Tours, but to really enjoy it you need a car imo. I may have misunderstood your original question, are you looking for day trip ideas from Paris or several days in another location?