Trier & Luxembourg - Where to Stay?

Hi, We have our what-to-do lined out, but not our where-to-stay. Any recommendations on where to stay in Trier and Luxembourg? We are low-end travelers, prefer a clean room, crisp sheets, and breakfast incl. My childhood learned German will put a smile on a host's face, but I speak no French other than pleasantries.
Thanks for tips. Happy traveling! Susan from Ca.

Posted by David
Seattle, WA, USA
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We loved Vianden. We stayed in a nice hostel there.

Posted by Roy
East Alabama
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I would also recommend Vianden, (edited) provided you are traveling by car. If by train, Trier would be a better bet. There is a good variety of hotels on for Trier, but we stayed elsewhere, so I cannot recommend one. You would probably find Luxembourg City too expensive. I cannot speak for the other hotels in Vianden, but we stayed in Hotel Petry and loved it, as well as the town. I don't recall the costs, but it was not expensive, about the same as others we priced. And the breakfast was the ample German-style, not skimpy French-style. The owners are German or of German descent, which you would expect, since it is so near the border. But most people we encountered in Luxembourg are multilingual, anyway. The same goes for Trier, and probably most border areas.

Posted by Nicole
Davis, California, USA
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I also searched for recommendations for Trier, thanks Philip for your recommendation for Hotel Aulmann! We liked it, very clean and quiet, very nice staff, great location in the walking district for lots of dining and shops. We paid 90 euros for a room for 2 breakfast included, but parking was extra (€7/nt) and wifi was extra (€2/é hours, €5/6hours, somewhat slow, don't try Skyping). Trier is very lovely, and feels like traditional picturesque Germany.

Posted by JB
Redding, CA, USA
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We stayed in a hostel in Trier for 4 nights. It was a rest stop. LOL. We loved Trier and took a cruise on the river. Took a day trip to Luxemburg City and to the American Cemetary about 6 miles out side. They have a local bus that goes to the cemetary. General Patton is buried there - front and center.