Traveling from Venice to Lauterbrunnen

We are planning on staying in Lauterbrunnen for 3 days in July. We do have hotel reservations already, but wonder if there are any tips for train travel from Venice. We will have a Selectpass and will continue on to Paris from Switzerland.
Thank you

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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It is a fairly long trip----over 8 hours. Assuming you don't want to go by night train, you have 2 choices for your route. Both start by going to Milan. From there, one route goes via Bellinzona to Arth Goldau, then to Luzern, Interlaken, and Lauterbrunnen. The other goes north form Milan via Brig to Spiez, and on to Interlaken and lauterbrunnen. The rail website,, shows you leaving Venice at 8:13 am for the first route, and at 10:13 for the second. I'm thinking the first route may be more scenic, but I've never done that route so I'm not sure.

Posted by Tim
Knoxville, TN, USA
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The Lauterbrunnen Valley is worth the time you spend on the train to get there. I've not seen any place anywhere that rivals the beauty of this place.

Posted by Joe
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Ditto Tim's Lauterbrunnen "most beautiful" comment. I have been on both routes from Milan-Lauterbrunnen. Both are equally scenic. The Milan-Brig-Thun-Interlaken is more direct, so probably takes less time, less connections. The other route, being longer, therefore has more sights to see. PS do some research in Lauterbrunnen hotel,,rates are quite varied (unfortunately, lower for long stays, like in peoples homes). I have found Grindlewald, Werfen, Murren MORE expensive than Lauterbrunnen, making it a good alternative. Check out Murren(and the*** Schilthorn restaurant***) tho, both well-worth the prices !!!

Posted by MARY JOE
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We went on the train from Milan to Lucerne and then on to Murren the next day. It was the trip from hell. First the train was 2 1/2 hours late coming and leaving Milan. I had planned the trip so we could enjoy the scenery in Switzerland. That didn't happen. We had to stand the whole time waiting for the train. Next the platform was changed, so we blindly followed the running crowd. Next an older American couple got off as we were getting on. They were extremely upset. They had been robbed on the train. We had 1st class with reservations. People were in our seats. They were kicked out, but many had to stand in 1st class. No place for our bags. Everytime the train stopped my husband had to go hold on to them. I ended up with a salami and mayo sandwich instead of the dining car. The Swiss part was fine, but they couldn't make up the time and we nearly lost our hotel reservation. Good thing we weren't going on. Couldn't have made Murren.

Posted by Larry
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We did exacty this trip two weeks ago. First, it's Venice to Milan. You change trains in Milan. The Brig/Spiez/Interlaken is the fastest. For Interlaken, you want Interlaken Ost and not Interlaken West. From there, you transfer to a train from Interlaken Ost to Lauterbrunnen. In Venice, they wouldn't sell us the last leg of the trip as this train system is separate. It's a short 20 minute ride and you can buy the tickets in Intelaken Ost. It's a local train and you don't need seat reservations. We stayed for 3 nights at the Hotel Silberhorn in their new Annex. It was wonderful. Even if you're not staying there, the restaurant is the best in the valley. You mentioned Murren. It's higher up and simply beautiful. Nice places to stay and eat. Lauterbrunnen is more accessible to everything. Lauterbrunnen is also the jumping off place for the Jungfrau (almost $100 per person) and the Silberhorn (about $80 per person). Great food at the Jungfrau. Not too expensive.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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On the second mountain I mentioned above, it's the Shilthorn and not the Silberhorn.

Posted by Susan
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We did this exact route last July and it is exactly as Larry posted. The trip for us was really easy and smooth, there were no glitches at all. We kept going from Lauterbrunnen to Murren and that was very easy as well. We loved staying in Murren. Preferred it to Lauterbrunnen. Hotel Eiger in Murren was wonderful.