Travel Plans for Summer in France/Italy/Spain/Germany/Switzerland

Hopefully the volcanic ash will clear soon for those stranded in Europe and the rest of the world.

I am spending 6 weeks in Europe this summer in July and the first two weeks of August, with Strasbourg being my base.

Here are some of my planned trips:
1. Strasbourg through Switzerland to Milan, Venice (2 days), Rome (4 days), Cinque Terre (2), Pisa enroute and back to Strasbourg. I don't intend to stop in Switzerland during this trip, but I am thinking of doing some short legs to Basel or Geneva later.

  1. Strasbourg through Dijon, Lyon, Figueres, Barcelona (4 days) - is it worth staying overnight in Dijon and Lyon? On the way back to Strasbourg to maybe go and check Carcarsonne, Bordeaux(?)

  2. Strasbourg to Munich, Frankfurt, Mainz (Rhine Region), Heidelburg, back to Strasbourg

  3. Paris (maybe twice staying over a few days each time)

  4. Explore Strasbourg region.

I have been to France and Germany but have never been to Italy or Spain or Switzerland. I have been to Austria and England and Holland, but not planning to include these regions as part of my travels this trip. I have never been to the Strasbourg region.

I don't want to rent a car, if I took a train to Colmar and the Route de Vin, would there be enough to do? Should I try to stay there for a few days or should I make day trips from Strasbourg? Is it worth going to Bordeaux if I don't have a car?

I'm trying to stay on a budget and am travelling solo (female) so I will be staying with friends, or hostels.

Should I get the Select Eurorail 5 countries for 15 days within 2 months? Or should I get the Global 15 days within 2 months? The 5 countries are Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Or should I consider buying short legs (i.e. a la cart)? Would the Eurorail be good value for me?

Looking to hear your advice or suggestions.


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I'll answer your question about Bordeaux. It's worth a couple of days and you don't need a car. There's plenty of wine tasting in town and other sites to see. You can take a bus tour from the TI to St Emilion if that interests you. I didn't care for St Emilion but others have raved about it.