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travel lineary from italy to wester europe

I am planning to visit switzerland, austria & greece from border region of italy, in Jan 2014. I shall be accompanied with my family consisting of total 5 members.Our interest will be snow-covered areas and mode of travel is preferable by train cum cable car and if possible by a small ship in certain areas. Our total visit period for these countries from italy border is about 6-8 days. Pl. send details of best places with mode of travel. Thanks.

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Sorry Ashok. Traveling to those three countries in 6-8 days is not really possible in the middle of Winter. Weather can get really harsh in the region you're wanting to see.
You could go into Switzerland and parts of Tirol (Innsbruck), but that's about as far as you could get in the time allotted. You can easily travel by train between the two countries, however.

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I would eliminate Greece, its not a winter destination and its too far away to do it justice, the islands are so beautiful, but in winter they close many hotels and restaurants. So, for only 6-8 days ( make it at least 8 days for goodness sake!) I would just choose two destinations in Switzerland and Austria.
Where are you starting from "border area is not helpful.. what city will you start in please.

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Agree with Pat, eliminate Greece, not enough time. In fact, I would even eliminate Austria, too similar to Switzerland. The Swiss railway network is a wonder to behold. Add in the most dramatic mountains, many accessible by cable cars and cog railways, big lakes with steamship excursions even in Winter. Its also accessible to northern Italy by rail. And you have your family and all their needs to attend to. Hey, I see Finn Air is offering some sweet prices between New Delhi and Zurich. I wish we could get deals that good here in North America.