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I want to take my two grandchildren to Switzerland, however I am not sure when the best time of the year would be. We are from Florida and do not participate in winter sports. We would be traveling via train from Paris and also in Switzerland. The Alps are beautiful during the winter but would be be more feasible to take them during the spring?

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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We were in Lauterbrunnen in the first days of June a couple of years ago. Weather was warm and the snow was gone from above Muerren (5,200'). But, the weather could be different. No guarantees. Many tourist locations in Switzerland have made their transition from winter to summer tourism by the end of May. If you are in Lauterbrunnen or Muerren in early June, you can see the farmers walking their cows through the towns on their way up to higher summer pastures. The wildflowers will be in bloom. By the way, if your grandchildren are under 16 (15 and under), they can ride free in the company of at least one parent or grandparent in the possession of a valid ticket to travel. No Swiss pass or card is required. Just a valid ticket. You can request the free family card when you buy tickets. You can do this online as well.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Sue, My suggestion would be to visit Switzerland in either June or September. What part of Switzerland were you planning to visit? The "usual" favourite with many here is the Berner Oberland and Lauterbrunnen Valley, which is just outside Interlaken. Of course, there are never any guarantees with the weather at any time of the year, so be sure to pack along appropriate clothing. Happy travels!

Posted by Tom
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If hiking is your goal, wait until June, at the earliest. Most of the snow will have melted off the trails by this time, and the run off from the mud and manure (they use it to fertilize the pastures) will have resolved by then. Also, you have a better chance of avoiding the overcast weather conditions that occur more frequently in April and May.

Posted by Marcus
Kansas City, United States
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Late May or early June are great times to visit Switzerland. The wildflowers are in bloom and the weather is perfect. My second choice is September. Either way know that Switzerland's beauty lies in its countryside not its cities. The Berner Oberland or the Goms (the area East of Brig) is just magical if you're looking for places to base.