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travel in graubuenden

Has anyone visited the churches, monasteries the Graubuenden canton of Switzerland? (I think much of the area is bounded by the loop made by the Bernina and Glacier Express lines.)

Googling around I found the site:
which does a great job of promoting the region.

I have found a map of sites and rail schedules, but I would like to know what the experience of visiting some of these sites is like. Did you hike between them? Hop on and off the train? Stay overnight?

How much time should one allow to see the region? Is there a reason that Graubuenden isn't emphasized in the Rick Steves Switzerland guidebook? Am I just being pulled-in by a well-done website into choosing this region over others?

I should say that what I am most interested in are Medieval and Early Modern religious sites set inthe Alps and that we are trying to make a loop through France, Germany and northern Italy and want to pass through some part of the Alps to do this. I don't think we will have more than 2 days for Graubuenden (or an alternative) in any case.

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