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Four of us (adults) are travelling the end of September. We plan to rent a car at the airport, stay in Paris the first night and then head out for Switzerland the next day. We only have about 3 and a half days total in Switzerland. (We have never been before) We definitely want to experience the Alps, but would also like to see some of the other areas. We are thinking Lausanne, Bern, Berner Oberland area and Zermatt. Luzern also seems great if we can do it, but we want to end up in Lugano for a day before heading back to France via northern Italy. We have also read a bit about the scenic railways in Switzerland and don't know if that would be a good way to see the sites there, but looks like we would have to get on several of them to see the above places. With 4 of us, we thought car would be more economical and give us more flexibility. But some cities don't seem too car friendly, so we are not sure.
Also, any thoughts about a place to stay in Paris where we could walk to a number of the sites. We do want to visit the Eiffel Tower. Lots to see and not much time. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by Lois
Antioch, Tennessee, USA
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How strange, two of us are planning a trip in late September to France, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. Looking for hotels in Paris right now for 1 night. Then picking up a rental car because that will be less expensive than the eurailpass and give us more flexibility in sightseeing. We are looking for a 2 or 3 star hotel at reasonable rates with good reviews in Paris. Also looking for hotel in Strasbourg or Colmar France and Montreux, Switzerland and Brussels, Belgium. By the way, my traveling partner's son just moved to Alexandria.

Posted by Adam
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Lou, Sounds like lots to see and not enough time. To make it workable, drop some destinations and fly open jaw.

Posted by Anita
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Getting from Berner Oberland to Zermatt is incredibly to Kandersteg, put the car onto the little train that goes through the tunnel to Wallis (Valais), and it lets you off about 25 minutes from Zermatt. $22 francs for the too!