Travel in France

We are traveling from London to Paris in April. Then we are wanting to see the Normandy region for a couple of days then travel to Cannes France. Should we take the train or is renting a car better. Maybe Travel from Paris in a car to Normandy spend the night, then travel to another town/village along the way to Cannes. Thank you. Any town recommendations? Transportation recommendations?

Posted by Jim
Dallas, Texas, USA
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Most of our posters/advisors will say, get Rick Steve's France guidebook and look at your options. Most believe you should train from Paris on to Normandy and get rental car at that point. How are you getting from London to Paris? Have you considered Eurostar? A fun way to get there and affordable if you purchase early tickets.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Bonnee, even though the speed limit on French Autoroutes is 130 kph for cars, over 80 mph, cars in France on main routes are dramatically slower than trains (which often do 300 kph). Normandy (where? its a long region?) to Cannes is diagonally across a very large country about the size of Texas. Is there a reason you would consider using a car? How many is "we"? If you get tickets now or as soon as they become available you can usually snag "Prems" which can be really good discounts on the trains. You might even consider flying. If you drove from, say Bayeaux, to Cannes the tolls alone would run around €100 and fuel nearly €150 - one way, with at least 12 hours behind the wheel.