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travel from Seville to Lisbon

The only direct route from Seville to Lisbon appears to be the bus. The train requires traveling from to Seville - Madrid - Lisbon. Has anyone taken the bus recently? My wife and I will make this trip in October. Are the buses nice, clean, etc? Other ideas would also be appreciated.

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I can only tell you what we did, which was to take the AVE to Madrid and a night train to Lisbon. And what I wish we had done, which would have been to fly.

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You're right...the bus is the only way to go. However, bus service is clean, comfortable and efficient in Spain and is the main long-distance service taken by Spaniards, since most train trips are just as long, but far more expensive. They stop once every couple of hours on long-haul routes, and run movies, although they're dubbed into Spanish. However, if I remember correctly, the bus from Sevilla to Lisbon heads north to the A-5 and then into Lisbon. You might want to consider taking the run from Sevilla to Faro, then a Portugese train into may be faster and a bit more comfortable. There are two buses a day Sevilla-Faro (unfortunately, only one during the day). Check them out at Portuguese rail info can be found at Portugal's rail system is like a giant commuter service. And a reminder....bus tickets in Spain come with an assigned can't just sit anywhere.