Travel from Munich to Amsterdam

Just arrived in Munich tonight. Will be traveling to Amsterdam on Wednesday. Trains in Germany are more expensive than I expected (8 hour trip, about $200 USD each and there are two of us) and easyjet doesn't fly from Munich. I'm not sure what other budget airlines might fly from here or what other options there might be. Any other suggestions that you all might have? Thanks in advance! You all have been so helpful with other questions I've had.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Melissa, Check or for budget flights. One airline that I know operates that route is KLM City Hopper (I flew the reverse direction last year), but unfortunately the rates will be far higher than by train. Lufthansa probably also operates on that route, and other budget airlines may have indirect flights. Your best bet for travel on Wednesday is a departure at 08:16, arriving Amsterdam Central at 16:59 (time 8H:43M, one change in Hannover). The Savings fare shown is €89 per person. I'd suggestion paying a visit to the EurAide office in the Munich station, which is now in the Reisezentrum (first desk on the left as I recall). They have English speaking staff and are really helpful. They might be able to find you a lower price? With the short time until departure, this might be the best option. Good luck!

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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If you decide to fly, according to your cheapest route would be Munich-Copenhagen-Amsterdam on SAS. For future reference, if you had booked train tickets ASAP (up to 92 days allowed) on the German Rail site, you could have gotten discount fare tickets as low as €39.00.

Posted by bronwen
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with 11 changes the fare goes down to 111 euros (and takes 14 hours).