travel from italy to switzerland in rental car

We are thinking to drive from Milan to Interlaken the end of May. Wondering if there are any fees to cross border with rental car.

Posted by Ed
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Not to cross and take the car back to the the country in which you got it. Hefty sucko fees to drop it in Switzerland (or any other second country).

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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No fees to cross the border itself. You need (as any other car circulating in Swtizerland) have a toll fee sticker put on your windshield. Costs CHF 40, valid up to one year.

Posted by heidi
castro valley
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Have you ever driven the route from Milan to Interlaken? Do you have any idea if snow on the road would be a problem the end of May?

Posted by donna
roswell, ga, usa
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Private Message Ed. He knows this area very well.

Posted by Marcus
Kansas City, United States
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May is still too early for most of the passes to be open. A good direct way would be to actually put your car on a train in Iselle in very northern Italy and drive it off the train in Kandersteg on the Interlaken side of the alps. The train will take you and your car through two long tunnels under the alps and save you a ton of time (and traffic headaches if you travel via the Gotthard). It's actually a very easy process similar to driving your car onto a ferry. Here's information on it:

Posted by Bob
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Hi heidi. We've driven it; if you stick to the main roads, there will be no snow; freeway most of the way; scenic two-lane part of the way. To me, the train / car idea seems like overkill; I'm guessing it's expensive, and the drive is pleasant and scenic. To clarify about the fee, when you cross the corder into Switzerland, you will be required to buy a sticker for 40 swiss francs (unless the car you rent already happens to have one). Enjoy your trip!

Posted by heidi
castro valley
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I appreciate everyone of the responses, thank you. Will have to consider and make a decision.