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Travel b/n Madrid & Barcelona

Maybe I am just a newbee at this but I am having difficult times trying to book tickets between Madrid & Barcelona (both age 24). I have found air travel is cheaper than taking trains. I haven't been able to get's site to work at all today, maybe they are just having problems and priceline, orbitz etc are all quoting various prices.

We arrive in Madrid late at 11pm on a wednesday (July 4th) and were planning on spending 2 full days in Madrid and then taking a side trip to Toledo and then flying out of Madrid that same night. Do you think this is possible?-Toledo back to Barcelona and flying out or taking the train?

Any tips or advice? Thank you so much in advance!

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The problem is your timing...taking a flight in the evening after coming back from Toledo. The last train for Barcelona leaves at 5:55 pm, whiles that last flight leaves Madrid at 7:15 pm on (unless you can find a later one on Spanair or Iberia....but they may charge you an arm and a leg.)...and that'll also mean a haul from Atocha station to the airport (probably 35-40 Euro by taxi) and less time in Toledo than you probably would like. So maybe consider staying another night in Madrid, or do the day trip to Toledo on day one or two, rather than day three. The train to Toledo will be busy, so get your train tickets as soon as you arrive in Madrid.

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Which site are you using to see that the last train departs at 5:55? Thanks for the Toledo tips, maybe we'll do it on day 2 or do you suggest skipping it all together?