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Transportation in Germany

We are planning a trip for next fall. Flying into Munich, going to Prague and flying out of Berlin and trying to figure out the best modes of transportation. When we travel in Europe, we much prefer traveling by train rather than having a car. So, we were thinking of taking trains between Munich and Prague and Berlin, and a day trip via train to Salzburg. But I did want to see some of the surroundings in Bavaria and perhaps around Prague and Berlin as well, and trying to figure out if that can be done without a car.

I welcome any thoughts on how to make this a car-free trip!


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Bavaria is outstandingly well served by train. Here's the rail line map of Bavaria - so many routes you'd lose track trying to count them. The Blue lines are major rivers.


The Bavaria ticket gets you around cheaply.

Bavaria Ticket

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The least expensive way to get to Prague without advance purchase, non-refundable tickets is to take the train. There are three direct, 6 hour connections leaving Munich at 9:01, 12:44, and 17:02. You can use a Bayern-Böhmen ticket to Pilsen (purchasable that day in Munich for 29,50€ for two people from a ticket automat or for 2€ more from the counter) and a Czech Rail ticket from there for about 6€ each.

There is also a 4½ hr, direct Bahn intercity bus from Munich Hbf with non-refundable, advance purchase fares starting at 29€/adult.

From Prague to Berlin, there are several Eurocity (EC) trains daily direct from Prague to Berlin via Dresden. Advance purchase fares are as low as 29€ per adult.

Although Salzburg is not in Bavaria. It is just over the border and is considered a "border station" for the Bayern-Ticket, which is valid into Salzburg, but not for local transportation in Salzburg.

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My experiences of Berlin's hinterland is that outside of the inner suburbs, much of it consists primarily of forests. Most of the outlying areas of interest to a tourist (Potsdam, Wannsee etc.) are connected by Sbahn.

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The Brandenburg-Berlin-Ticket is valid for all regional trains in Berlin and the surrounding state of Brandenburg for a day (after 9 workdays). It costs 29€ for up to five people in 2nd class.

In addition, a day ticket for the inner two zones of Berlin (Berlin AB) cost 6,70€/adult. Add the inner two zones of Potsdam (Potsdam AB, which is contiguous with Berlin AB) for another 4€. The website doesn't specifically say anything about a 9AM limit for workdays. For 3 or more (up to 5?) people, there are also kleinegruppe (small group) day tickets.