transportation from cdg to toulouse france

I arrive Charles De Gaulle in April at 6:55 am. Is there a simple was to get to Toulouse from the airport? Thank you. Diane Kramer

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I've done this. You want to fly. You can have lunch in Toulouse, or on the road to your actual destination.

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This is a dublicate post, you should remove the other one. You arrive at Terminal 2. 1. Within a couple hours, both Air France and EasyJet have flights headed that way that are nonstop from the same terminal. Flight time is about an hour and a half. One-way should be around a hundred bucks. 2. Two minutes outside the door are car rental places. The drive is about seven hours if you haul butt. Gas and tolls will cost more than a plane ticket. 3. Downstairs is a train terminal. There will be changes and it will take six to eight hours depending on the route / departure time, but departures are frequent. Cost unknown.

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Rail travel from CdG to Toulouse is simple enough, slower than a good plane connection but more comfortable. The TGV high-speed train service departs from CdG every couple of hours and will probably require changing trains in Montpellier, an easy procedure. You can find out more at Standard advice is to choose "Other Countries" on the opening page, then go to the "Train" pull-down menu and choose Book Online. Specify any county except the United States and Australia to avoid being bumped to RailEurope. Antarctica works; you will either print your tickets at home or get a confirmation to pick up the tickets at the train station. With CdG as your departure point, the site will show you trains leaving from the airport (which it calls Roissy, after the village where CdG is located) as well as from the Montparnasse station, which has direct trains but is a hassle to get to. Book three months in advance for the best prices. For more information on using French trains check or the universal train bible
Having said all that, if you are flying across the Atlantic on Air France or its partners, you might get a very cheap connection to Toulouse, assuming you haven't bought your international ticket yet.