Transportation from Airport

We will be staying in the Rue Cler area and are wondering what the easiest way to get from Charles De Gaulle into town. There are lots of different ways listed in the guide books and it's a little confusing.

Posted by Jo
Las Vegas, NV, USA
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My daughter and I made the trip from CDG to Paris a couple of years ago, and we both swore that if we ever needed to do that again, we would take a taxi. The expense would be worth it. The RER was a difficult experience which surprised us since we travel all the time. We should be on The Amazing Race, but not from CDG to Paris! Take a taxi and arrive relaxed.

Posted by Debbie
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We followed the instructions in both RS's Paris and France books and booked a shuttle to our hotel. The first time we travelled to Paris, we used Golden Air, the second time we went with Parishuttle. When we arrived in Paris, I just phoned from the CDG terminal and they were there within 30 minutes.

The first time, we were in the shuttle with a family of five and another couple, the second time, we had the shuttle to ourselves.

Much easier and nicer to let them do the driving and drop us off at the hotel with our luggage rather than try to negotiate the RER and Metro feeling jet-lagged and exhausted.

You can book online or phone them directly, they speak English very well.

Bonne chance et bon voyage :)

Posted by Norm
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We always use the, no worries about the meter running in a traffic jam (always a problem in Paris, especially in the morning rush hours) and inexpensive. You can take the RER to St. Michel/Notre Dame and transfer to the RER line running to Pont de l'Alma...its a short walk from there to rue Cler.

Posted by Jim
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Shuttle or Taxi is the preferred way. Followed by Air France Bus in conjunction with a taxi, to get to your hotel.

The RER is actually pretty easy, except if you have luggage. In that case it can really be a pain lugging your bags up & down all those stairs in each Metro Station

Posted by Daneal
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We always us Parishuttle. They are reliable, easy to deal with, you can check out their website and make your reservations in advance of your trip. Oh yes and they speak good English.I used them going into the Rue Cler area last year and they were great. The website is

Posted by TC
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Go to and you will find a link to a shuttle. We have used different shuttle services, but they are all cheaper than a taxi, less trouble than the RER, and the price is fixed in advance. Google has listings for lots of them, so be sure and shop around. The last one we used (blue vans with yellow letters) has (or had) a web site We made all our arrangements by phone from the U.S. and they confirmed by email. Upon arrival we went to a phone booth in the baggage area and calledl a special number (no coins or card required). They told us the gate at which they would meet us. Took only 10-15 mins. max.