I am going to Munich in December. I have relatives who live in Hugstetten which is not too far from Munich, I believe. I would like to visit these people as my mother did many years ago. However, I don't think they speak English and I don't speak German. Is there a place where I could go to hire a translator/driver to take me where these people live?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Nancy, I don't have any suggestions for a Translator / Driver, but wanted to clarify the location. The only Hugstetten I could find was closer to Freiburg than to Munich. Is that the one you're referring to? There appears to be rail service to Hugstetten via the Breisgau S-Bahn from Freiburg, so you may only need a Translator and not a Driver. As I recall, Freiburg has a large University (which offers international language courses) so you may be able to hire a bi-lingual student to provide translation. Hopefully one of the others will have more detailed information. Cheers!

Posted by Nancy
Fort Montgomery
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Thank you for the replies. I believe you are correct about the location. Hadn't consulted my information for a long time! Good ideas about transportaion and translator. I will follow up.