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Train question

Does the Bayern-ticket include Wurzburg and Bamburg? How about travel to Strausbourg?

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This pdf file shows a map of the area the Bayern-Ticket covers. It is identical with the territory of the state of Bavaria (Bayern in German), plus a few stations reasonably close to the state's border (most notably Ulm in Baden-Württemberg, and Salzburg in Austria). Würzburg and Bamberg are both inside Bavaria and are therefore covered. "Strausbourg"? Well Strasbourg is a city in France, Strausberg a town in Brandenburg, both quite a bit away from Bavaria (you would have to completely cross at least one other German state to get there). So: no, you can't go there with the Bayern-Ticket.

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Sorry for the misspelling and thanks for the info. Is there a Bayern-ticket that covers a few days, or is it good for just one day? For example, we'd be staying with family in Wurzburg and using it as a base. Say we went to Munich for a few days, would I have to buy separate tickets or is there a pass that would cover 4-5 days?