Train from St. Goar to Neuschwanstein Castle

Hello Folks

We are flying in to Frankfurt and taking the train to Bacharach. We are going to take the Rhine river cruise down the river to St. Goar the next day. We are spending the night in St. Goar, and then, we have hotel reservations in Luzerne Switzerland the day after that.

I am hoping to arrange our train ride so that we can stop on the way to Luzerne, and see Neuschwanstein Castle on the way. I am willing to get into Luzerne late.

Does anyone know the route I need to take, and if it is even feasible? Does anyone know how many hours from the castle to Luzerne?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Margaret
Sydney, NSW, Australia
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Your best bet is to go on to the Deutsche Bahn site, press the column across the top where it says Internat Guests which will give you English and tell it where you want to go. It is a fabulous site and you will get your answer there. PottyaboutParis Sydney Australia

Posted by Lori
Tualatin, Oregon, US
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Thank you so much for the web site. I will do just that.

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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According to the Bahn website, the trip directly up the Rhein to Switzerland and then on to Luzern takes about 6 hours vs. 13-1/2 via Fuessen. I really enjoyed Fuessen and the castles, but I don't think the long detour is worth it. Save it for another trip.

Posted by Margaret
Sydney, NSW, Australia
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I agree with Lee. Fussen is pretty but you really need more time there to appreciate being in the Alps and to see the castles. By the way, on the destination you are looking for is "Fussen Bahnhof" . If you say "St Goar" to "Luzern" and hit the little button to the right where it says "Via" and put "Fussen Bahnhof" and put the number of hours you would want to stay it would let you know what a long trip you have planned. I think you will find that unless you are staying at least overnight there, that the whole thing would be an ordeal. Hope this helps. PottyaboutParis Sydney Australia