Train from Frankfurt Airport to Kaiserslautern - bad idea?

Flying to Frankfurt in May - should we have daughter pick us up in her car or is it easy to take train to Kasiersautern? Train in airport or change in city? FYI - going to Heilderberg on this trip despite RS.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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I looked up the train options from the airport. Although there's a few relatively simple options (ICE to Mannheim, regional train to Kaiserslautern, about 90 minute trip), most options throughout the day involve multiple changes and last from 2.5 to almost three hours. So I guess if your daughter doesn't mind picking you up at the airport, that would be a better option. I haven't driven from the airport to Kaiserslautern, but I doubt it would take much longer than an hour.

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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If you take the S-bahn into Frankfurt, there are multiple train times, but you will end up switching trains in Mannheim, unless you go with the ICE. There is one of those at 09:01 and also 13:01, for 37 euro, that takes 1.20 hours and no switching. There is an S-bahn every 15 min. that goes to Frankfurt and it only takes 11 min. to get there.

Posted by Neil
Keystone, Colorado, USA
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Tom and Jo Thanks for that info - as I suspected. Could you answer one more train question? We were told that the the train from Landstuhl to Heidleberg was very easy and quick - is that correct? Thanks Neil