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Train from Colmar to Paris

I was wondering if anyone could help me with information about the train schedule from Colmar to either Paris or the airport. We will be dropping our car in Colmar and we hope to take the train from their directly to the airport. We won't be traveling until next spring so I am unable to look at the train schedules at this time, too early. I know the schedule might change, but I was trying to get a ball park figure as to how many trains run a day so I can firm up my car rental plans.
Thank you

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Just take a look at the schedule next week or next week. There is little change in schedules from one time period to another.

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Sue, I'd suggest just checking the website for trips on the same day-of-the-week that you plan to travel. I doubt that the schedules will change much. The easiest trip will be a direct departure from Colmar at 10:11, arriving Paris Est at 13:08 (time 2H:57M, TGV so compulsory reservation). Hope you enjoy Colmar, it's a beautiful city. Good luck with your planning!

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When you look at the train scedules, as Ken says, also pay attention to the number of changes. There are a couple of TGV (fast) trains that go from Colmar, but the other journeys (that are slightly more than 3 hours) use a regional train from Colmar to Strasbourg, where you then transfer to the TGV. The trains go to the Paris Est train station. If those aren't convenient, maybe you can drop the car in Strasbourg, as there are frequent TGV's to Paris throughout the day. Which airport in Paris? The train (RER) from Paris to Charles de Gaulle leaves from the Gare du Nord, which is 1/2 kilometer from Paris Est on google maps, though shows it as 800 meters. So a short taxi ride or a long walk with luggage.

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We'll be flying out of Charles de Gaulle Airport, CDG.

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There are a small number of direct trains every day from Strasbourg to CDG. If any of them coincide with the time of your flight I'd definitely recommend ing one of them instead of having to go into and out of central Paris. If you do have to go into central Paris, it is probably quicker and easier to walk from Gare de l'Est to Gare du Nord to take the RER than it is to use the Metro, unless you have mobility problems or very heavy luggage.

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There is a well trodden route between Gare de l'Est and Gare du Nord. Two actually. One, slightly faster, involves a fairly steep flight of stairs (up, towards Gare du Nord); the other, slightly longer, is flat. They are both easy.