Train from Algeciras to Madrid

We need to catch the 0843 train to Madrid on Wed, June 19. Would it be better to fight with the spanish only Renfe web site or get tickets in the train station either two days before when we pass through Algeciras on the way to Tarifa or on the morning we want to leave for Madrid? Any recommendations or suggestions?

Posted by Neil
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Presuming 'better' is to do with cost. And the site is not only in Spanish - you can change to English. Do you not want the discounted advance purchased tickets? If you fail with the RENFE website use an agency like PETRABAX or RUMBO which will charge extra for their service, but it will not add up to as much as probable full fare ticket purchase on site when the journey is imminent. Their are plenty of guides on the subject (and as you are from outside Europe where few problems are encountered) like the hugely comprehensive -