Train accident in France

There has been a train derailment about 20 km from Paris just a little while ago. Seven deaths according to the latest report.

Posted by Michael
Des Moines, IA
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Considering the Asiana crash at SFO, the runaway train in Quebec, and now this, it's been a pretty bad week for safety in transportation. :(

Posted by Susan
Marin County/San Francisco
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Thanks Norma and Tim. It's heartbreaking...

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Norma, I saw that on the news this morning, and was saddened to hear about the loss of life. I expect the toll may increase as they get this sorted. I was just in Paris last week and riding the trains, so that's a bit scary. Here's another article on the subject: In addition to the other incidents mentioned, there was also a fire on an Ethiopian Airlines 787 Dreamliner at Heathrow this morning (not sure if it was the batteries?). No passengers were on board, so no casualties. This has indeed been a bad week for transportation.