Trabi-tastic or Trabi-terrible

I've read several accounts of the Trabi-Safari in Berlin. Who out there has done this? From what I've read it sounds like an hour of great fun. I don't imagine you see much of the sights along the way as you'd be fighting to control the brute power of the 26 hp engine through city traffic. Are reservations required?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Jon, I've never tried a Trabi Safari, but certainly saw them when I was in Berlin. As I recall, their office is close to Checkpoint Charlie. From what I was told by the locals, the Trabi is the quietest car in Berlin, mainly because people have their hands over their ears to shield themselves from the raucous noise! Driving one would probably be an "experience". It's hard to believe that East Berliners would save-up for a decade or more to buy that piece of junk! Cheers!