tours around Paris/surrounding areas

Hi Forum fans: This September my husband and I will be spending a week in Paris (first time)-does anyone have any suggestions of guided day tours in Paris or surrounding towns? I know one day we will be going to Versaille with some family members. I enjoy cooking & wine. Thank you,

Posted by Kira
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With only a week in Paris, and one day trip already planned, you might want to consider leaving it at that. There is SO much to do and see in Paris! And if you enjoy cooking and wine, you'll be in one of the world's best cities for that already, without leaving the city limits. That said, Giverny is lovely and less than an hour away by train. The water lilies in Monet's garden will likely be past their prime (especially if you are going in later September), but the gardens are utterly lovely and well worth a visit. I also like Reims, for its cathedral. And if you like champagne, you might want to book a bubbly tour! I have not done it, but I know folks who have and say they had a great time. St. Denis, which is technically a suburb, and not a "surrounding town," has a magnificent, stunning, amazing Gothic cathedral, which I love. The stained glass will take your breath away. St. Denis also has a market that is on my bucket list (NY Times piece here: - sounds like a wonderful place to check out if you are a foodie. St. Denis is mixed ethnically and culturally, and I have heard tourists say they find it "challenging." You might want to take that into account. Others on this board will have insight, as well.

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Hi Holly, I suggest Giverny! I went in September last year and the flowers were still quite beautiful. My sister just returned from Paris this week. She also visited Giverny, where the flowers were almost the same in the summer as when I went. This beautiful little town is worth a day of your Paris stay. I also suggest a walking tour. They will show you around this beautiful city, depending on your interest. Paris Walks is a good one. Check
I also suggest taking a cooking class if you get a bad weather day and one is available as they tend to book up fast. Happy Travels!