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Tour of Reichstag/Bundestag in Berlin

Just received the confirmation that we can participate in a guided tour in English of the Reichstag in Berlin. Tours are free but have to be arranged ahead of time. The information also mentions that there is an opportunity to see the glass dome afterwards on your own. But I don't know if you can go straight ahead or if you have to line up with the whole crowd of people not on any tour. Has anybody done this before?

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Quick update: since the additional information I received from the visitor service wasn't clear I also asked for experiences in another German language forum. And heard exactly what I was hoping for: no line-ups to see the glass dome if you're coming from a guided tour!

So if the choice is between standing in line for 2 hours to see the glass dome or taking a free guided tour for 90 minutes and then see the dome with no wait - I take the tour :-)

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Beatrix, this is fantastic information! I only wish we had known about it before we waited in line for an hour at the Reichstag last May. :-) Thanks for the great tip!