Tour Guide in Normandy

We are staying in Bayeaux for several days and are looking for a personal tour guide to areas including Mont St Michel, Caen, Honfleurs, Rouen, etc. We have already reserved a tour to D-Day Sites. Would appreciate recommendations, and also, if you recommend other areas to visit. Thank you.

Posted by Jeff
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Retired British Generals like to give tours in the region,like this gentleman: Other firms will tailor a trip for you: Most important is read up and pick some aspect of the fighting that may be of interest. The Normandy campaign happened over many hundreds of square miles and many, many soldiers died in brutal fighting in the hedgerows and now beautiful rolling hills behind the beaches well after the "Day of Days" on June 6th.

Posted by John
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I don't know if I can really help but I was there last week (10/31 Omaha Beach St.Laurant motel area) I did see people with tour guides at the Omaha Site/cemetery. The people at our local motel were very friendly to Americans and helped whenever asked. Bayeaux was a small town further from the sites, except to provide restaurants and the like. My goal was Omaha Beach only. It is a resort type area and motels close after Nov 10 or so, so there are not many people, except for Americans visiting the D-day sites. They take good care of
of our grave sites. I felt good about that.

Posted by Monte
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The American military cemetaries overseas are administered by the American Battle Monuments Commission, a part of our Executive Branch of government. The commissioner or superintendant of each cemetary is an American. The other people who work there are local residents. Those exceptionally nice looking cemetaries are paid for by us, and its a good thing too. You can find a list of the American overseas military cemetaries by doing an internet search for American Battle Monuments Commission.