Tour de France

Hi- I am looking for some advice for watching a few stages of the Tour de France. We are planning to watch 2 different stages for the 2013 tour, Vaison la Romaine to Gap (mountain stage) and the time trials. It looks like most hotels ect are booked around that area. Would staying an hour or so away and diving in that morning be fine? Any other tips for watching? Can you rent bikes? Thanks!

Posted by Jim
Dallas, Texas, USA
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Melissa, I've asked a similar question not to long ago and did not get many responses. I have the same dilemma. We tried to make reservations in October when the stages were announced, by that afternoon, the closest we could get to Le'Alphuez was 90 minutes away. We've attended a stage back in 2006, woke up early, drove as close as we could and then walked. People were already positioned in prime spots by the time we got there. This didn't prevent us from enjoying ourselves, it's worth the effort. I think the important thing is to choose a stage with a climb. A number of cycle companies may be able to hook you up with some bikes. We aren't ardent bicyclists, just love the TDF. The French as well as the rest of Europe loves their TDF, one man(Lance Armstrong) can not destroy THE Race. Good Luck, send a private message if you get any worthwhile tips. Going to Paris to see the Finale is also quite a treat.