Tolls on the highways

Hello, I am heading to France in July and we are going to have a car in Caen for 6 days. How do the tolls work? I have no idea about this part of the trip ! Thanks,Amy

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Amy, from our experience, there are two types of toll roads. One one type, you get a card at the entry booth and you turn it in at your exit booth. That determines your toll. The second type is just an exit toll booth. You're getting off the highway and viola, there's a toll booth. It's a fixed fee. The big hint here is to carry lots of cash on the highways. We drove 2,000km on our trip through France. A few tolls hit 20Euro so have lots of Euro coins. (However, I do think that the paper money will work also). Go for the toll booths that accept cash. Don't go to the tolls that have a small "t". I think that that is the automated lane. Next, don't get into a lane for credit cards only. Yours won't work. The booth on the farthest right is often staffed (but not always). Look for the sign that has a blue slightly tilted square silhouette of a man's head with a hat. I believe that means that the booth is staffed. We found out much of this the hard way (try backing out of a credit card lane when you card doesn't work and you have lots of cars behind you. It's not a pleasant experience). Note that France proabably has the highest tolls per kM of any country in Europe. The highways we were on were very nice and not crowded.

Posted by Nicole P
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All the tolls we hit fr Paris to Caen we just gave money to the person manning the booth...paper money was also accepted along with coins...