Toledo or Sevilla

We have one night to spend either in Toledo or Sevilla. Which city would you choose.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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I think you'd be happy with either. Go for the one that is most convenient to your itinerary.

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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I would choose Toledo. Not becasue it is "better" but it is smaller, more approachable, and really delightful in th eevening when the day-trippers have left. One night is not enough to do justice to Sevilla.

Posted by LaRae
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Even if it's only one day don't miss Sevilla. So beautiful at night. You can't see it all with just one day/night but you'll never forget what you do see.

Posted by George
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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I'm with LaRae...Sevilla was such a highlight for us (We enjoyed Toledo too) that we would recommend Sevilla and some careful planning so that you can use your 24 hours hours to the best extent.

Posted by Julie
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There is no city in Spain, and few elsewhere in the world, that offer the historical sweep of Toledo. You can literally visit sites that span the Visigothic period to El Greco to the Spanish Civil War in a single day. And no other city preserves the art/architecture of Medieval Iberia's three cultures (Muslim, Jewish, and Christian) like Toledo does. The AVE from Madrid's Atocha takes only 33 minutes. Be sure to get a good map (preferably before arriving) so you can plan your visit.

Posted by Adam
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I prefer Toledo, for many reasons. But I am not willing to say to a stranger that she will prefer it too. They are different enough that you can get a general idea from a guidebook and make a choice based on that.

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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Where else will you be on this trip? One may make more sense in terms of location, and that could help you decide.

Posted by dania
omaha, ne, usa
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Thanks for all your thoughts. We will be in Madrid then travel to Toledo or Sevilla. Then plan the rest of our trip on the Costa del Sol.

Posted by Dan
Las Vegas, NM, USA
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I would agree that Toledo has "better" history and a superior cathedral to Segovia. However, the aqueduct is stunning, and if you love food, Segovia is the home of roast suckling piglet. Restaurants Jose Maria has a good suckling pig.

Posted by Douglas
Oak Park, Illinois
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Segovia is a nice place too, but wasn't one of the options. As much as I like Sevilla, it really needs more than just one night. You'd spend half a day getting there and lose a few more hours going to Costa del Sol. The Alcazar alone can take 3-4 hours to do it justice. So I'd pick Toledo, which many people do in a day. An overnight gives you a lot more time to enjoy and it calms down a lot after the tour busses leave. And it has an amazing range of history, culture and architecture.

Posted by H J
LaGrange, Ga, USA
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You can not go wrong with either choice. I love both!! For one only though I would go for Toledo for the reasons mentioned by others. Take a route such as this: Train from Madrid (Atocha) to Toledo...25 minutes, no stops. In Toledo get a taxi to the Cathedral. Get the hand held audio guide and the tour will take 1 - 2 hours depending on how long you stay at each stop along the way. From there walk to the Plaza Zodocover, the main plaza, Go through "the keystone arch" and down the steps past the statue. Turn left and straight ahead is a wonderful outdoor cafe. After lunch, go next door to the Muzeum de Santa Cruz. Excellent exhibits which change from time to time. From there turn right back to the corner and then up the hill to the military museum. Opened last year, it has more than military items. Built in and under Toledo's Alcazar. Or walk or taxi to St. Tome Church and from there to The House of El Greco- very nice. Get a taxi back to the station.