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Tips for rainy Paris?

I'm going to Paris next week, and the extended forecast shows rain for at least several days. I'm bummed. Any tips for seeing Paris in the rain? I wanted to do some of Rick's walking tours, but I'd hate to do them in the rain. Thanks.

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museums are good...and there are alot of them.
but that being said I say get out and still experience the streets and the areas, even with the rain...
Paris is amazing rain or shine

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To Angel - I will be in Paris in August, and I read that it is the hottest and wettest time in Paris! I am taking my Crocs with me for the rainy days, they get wet, they get dry right away and no damage done to the shoes or the feet. I also bought a rain poncho, clear, with a hood. I will look like a scarecrow, I know, but what the heck, I want to walk and see EVERYTHING!

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I agree. Unless it is a heavy downpour and really cold, walking in the rain in Paris should be fun --just bring good rain gear.
You can duck into a cafe almost anywhere to relax and dry off, and sit as long as you want -- probably doable on the walking tours. or, you can spend wonderful hours in the Louvre or D'Orsay or Pompidou.

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If you're into French history, go to the basilica at St Denis (can get there on the metro). It has all the funerary statuary from the kings and queens of France. There's a good audio tour available.

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Don't be bummed! It rains all the time in Paris, but not for very long. Bring appropriate clothing or buy an umbrella. May is a great time to go. Be happy!

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I agree with the others about enjoying Paris inspite of the weather. We've done walking tours in the rain in Paris, London and San Francisco - it's part of the life of those cities - we even went to Rome in the month when EVERYTHING said don't go then (November) - we had rain here and there and got soaked once, but "oh, well". We've had great trips, so don't let a little water discourage you. I'd suggest clear, lightweight ponchos - umbrellas don't help much if the winds blowing at all.

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And even though it says it's going to rain right now, you never know what will happen when you get there. Just get a small travel umbrella and go for it. Although, I'm a duck from Seattle, rain doesn't bother me! :)

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Don't be bummed. For our first trip to Paris, we were greeted by Seattle type weather - rain. AFter being up for 30+hours, and checking into our hotel, we decided to take a walk downtown, rain or no rain. After we were pretty well soaked, we found a McDonalds where we knew we could get a cup of real hot coffee. The rain let up, and we had a wonderful time, and walked miles and miles. The weather improved and we fell in love with the city. We just returned from our third trip, and this time we were ready with rain gear,as rain was forecast. Guess what? Sun! Thus, be prepared for either, and you'll enjoy the walking tours. One tip is to check out the L'Orangerie Museum.

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Thanks everyone! I'm not bummed anymore. I'm really very excited. I'll buy a poncho and a small travel umbrella. I'm a bit worried about wearing the right rain-proof shoes. I've heard people recommend Crocs, but I really dislike them (no offense to people who like them). Any suggestions on shoes? Who knows, like some have said, maybe it won't rain at all.