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Tenerife, Canary Islands with a child

Hi all, We are heading to Tenerife for a week in November with our two year old son. We are trying to figure out which part of the island to stay in. Right now we are leaning towards something in the north (San Andres) but we're not sure what the different micro climates are like. Does anyone know if it is significantly windy/colder up on the Northeast side of the island? We are not interested in a big resort type place so we are aiming more towards a small fishing village with a sandy beach, warm weather (i.e. not too much wind), and ideally a playground for our little guy to run around in.
I'd love to hear any feedback about the area. Thanks! Emily

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We were in Playa Americas in April. It's less touristy in the north, but still has some nice towns. Santa Cruz is a big port, so you'll get more traffic, tourists, restaurants, etc. there than in the outlying towns. I couldn't tell if the weather was really any different. There's a tripadvisor forum where the Brits who go all the time would know more about the right town for your family. Definitely take your own sand toys and lotion, it's outrageous there.