Tegelberg Luge

I have tried researching this in many places but have had little success.

Has anyone traveled between Ludwig's castles and the Tegelberg luge without a car? We would like to try out the luge while we are there and should have plenty of time, but will be traveling by train. Is the distance between the two walkable? Are there any buses that run between the two, and is there a schedule available somewhere?

Posted by Brad
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We had a car. As I recall it wasn't walkable and I'm not sure what public transit exists locally.

You may not be able to plan ahead for it but may be able to find transportation options when you get off the train in the area.

Posted by Paul
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Hi Sara,

We had a car also when visiting Neuschwanstein and Tegelberg. Here's the website:


As I remember, it was about a mile or so away from the castles.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. As stated above, you can always see what options there are once your there.


Posted by Jennifer
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You could walk - but it will probably take about 45 minutes. We had bikes and it was about a 15 minute ride from the castle ticket office to the luge.

Maybe you could rent bikes at the Fussen train station for €8/day - it's only about a 15 minute ride to the castles from Fussen. I'm not sure of any public transportation to the luge from the castles.

Posted by Sara
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this may be a silly question, but here it is anyway :) When biking places (such as to the castles), where does one leave his/her bike? Is it safe to just leave it lying somewhere? Is it obvious where the appropriate spot is? Do we need to bring our own locks to lock it somewhere safely?

Posted by Jennifer
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It's a good question! We were in Germany last week and biked along the Mosel to Burg Eltz and two days near Fussen/Reutte. Each place we rented bikes provided a lock.

At Burg Eltz it was very obvious where people left their bikes - pretty much anywhere! We noticed most people just locked their bikes together, not necessarily attached to anything. We normally just locked them to a tree, post, or fence.

We arrived at Neuschwanstein at 8 AM and there weren't any bikes around yet, but we just locked ours up along the fence next to the ticket office - when we came back down from the castles a few hours later there were probably 100 bikes around ours. So the answer to your question is - anywhere you find room! We noticed that in a lot of towns there were also bike racks available.

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Sara-I have some insight as to your Tegelberg Luge question. I had a similar question and ended up emailing the Tourist Information Schwangau people. I asked about the possibility of riding the luge after a 3pm tour of Neuschwanstein. I got the answer today:

The summer luge is open until 5 pm, or possibly 6 pm if the weather is very warm and sunny. It is closed if the weather is rainy or foggy.

There is one bus that departs Hohenschwangau/castles to Tegelberg/Summer luge. They said that the bus departs Hohenschwangau at 4:33 pm and arrives in Tegelberg at 4:38 pm. It is 2 km from Hohenschwangau to the luge and you can also walk. Apparently the bus ride is very short. I don't know how often it runs.

Buses also serve Tegelbergbahn to Fuessen train station at 5:23 pm and 6:12 pm

The tourist information people have been very helpful and responded to my questions quickly. You can email them at info@schwangau.de

Hope this helps.

Posted by Amber
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We just returned from there on Sunday. We walked it from Neuschwanstein to Tagelberg alpine slide. It's a routine part of the Mike's Bike tours out there. It was all downhill, there's actually a paved walking path for a good part of it. Perhaps contact Mike with the tours and he can relay the path they take. It was about a 20 minute walk, but no real effort and very beautiful views of the castle. Beware of the burning nettle that's everywhere! It's in full bloom there and a pretty nasty surprise if you brush up against it!