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Tarife Spain

We will be traveling in June to Tarife. I understand it is the best place to take the ferry to Morocco. But is it a destination in itself? We plan on staying 1 night before catching the ferry in the morning, 1 night in Tangier and 2 more nights in Tarife, traveling by day to Glbraltar. We will not have a car, but will have to depend on public transportation. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Tarifa's not much of a destination on its own, unless you're a wind-surfer...not much there, certainly not for three nights total. Public transit links are also infrequent. Since you plan to visit Gib, I would suggest you stay in Algeceras. The ferry trip to Tangier is longer, but the benefits of a bigger city, better transportation, and Gibraltar being much closer, outweigh that, in my opinion. If you need any tips for public transportation in that area, e-mail me.

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We went to Morocco from Algeciras in 2005. While this city may have redeeming features, they were well hidden from us. We would not recommend spending time there. We can say that the ferry is fine and reasonable but its destination, Ceuta, Spanish territory in Morocco,is a waste and a disappointment. We met some Moroccans at the ferry terminal prior to our return to Algeciras. They assured us that Morocco was very enjoyable and Ceuta not the norm. What had bothered us was the constant hectoring to buy SOMETHING from virtually every person we encountered.

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Probably better to take the ferry from Algeciras to Tangier. The previous post was right on -- Algeciras really doesn't have much, if anything, to offer except the ferry terminal. Ceuta is not a bad starting place if one is planning a trip through the Rif, but otherwise, you'll probably enjoy the trip more if you head straight to Morocco itself.

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Thanks for the replies, but we travelled to Spain last summer. Went in and out of Tarife and it was great.